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Skyherb Introduces Proprietary Green Tea Extract with Low EGCG Content in Response to Consumer Concern Over EGCG
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Green tea is one of the most commonly consumed drink all over the world, the concentrated form --- green tea extract is an ingredient known as its antioxidant and weight losing function. The main active components of green tea extract are polyphenols catechins, L-theanine, and EGCG. Catechins are the generic name of flavanols, and has a ratio about 75%~80% in polyphenols. They are also the components where the bitter and astringent taste in green tea come from. Catechins and tea polyphenols have a main component, which is EGCG. Green tea extract has been used into variety of dietary supplement.

However, studies published on Annals of Internal Medicine and European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology indicated that green tea extract may carry a low possibility to cause hepatotoxicity due to overdose of EGCG daily for a long period of time.  

In light of this, Skyherb developed a new specification of green tea extract with low EGCG. The common specification of green tea extract contains 45% EGCG, 70%-80% catechins, and 95% polyphenols. Since we do have an advanced technic, and able to adjust the percentage of components in our green tea extract. Skyherb can control the percentage of EGCG at 20%-30% without any reducing of total polyphenols. Same level of polyphenols with only half amount of EGCG, the new green tea extract is a strategic product from Skyherb, and we hope it can address the concern from some of the customers.

Skyherb is a top three green tea extract manufacturer in China. Our facilities located at Anji, Zhejiang, which is a city famous for its tea production. Most of Zhejiang province is covered with hills and ranges of small mountains. The region has a humid subtropical climate with distinct seasons and a seasonal precipitation pattern, which is ideal for tea leaf growth. Located within Zhejiang province, Skyherb enjoys a stable supply of raw material for green tea extraction, both in quantity and quality. Skyherb has the ability to manufacture wide range specifications of Green tea polyphenols, catechins, L-theanine, and EGCG to meet customer’s request.

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