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Skyherb’s Second Production Facility in Operation
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Skyherb put into operation its second production facility in April, further expanding its production annual capacity to 5000t.

Mr. Li, Company’s VP represented Skyherb to express heartfelt thanks from CEO and whole company to the colleagues who participated into this project, and made a summary of the development during 13 years and 1 month. He said that this project is a major event in company's history, with great significance and far-reaching impact. Skyherb will become one of the biggest herbal manufacturers after the project reaches its capacity. He also mentioned that the boiler and sewage treatment capacity of the new project are at the leading level in the industry. Mr Li pointed out Skyherb has to get the best economic and social benefits with high-quality products by strengthen management, team-working, and struggling ahead. And he wished the 5MT production line will put into a smooth operation.

The senior managers of Skyherb started the switch of this new project together, that means the project has been put into operation formally. This project progressed significantly in Skyherb’s history, and company has entered a new stage of rapid development.

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